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Unveiling the Magic of Gopher Sports Properties: Elevating the Gopher Game Experience

Introduction Gopher Sports Properties (GSP) stands as a behind-the-scenes powerhouse within the University of Minnesota's athletic landscape. While their name may not be as familiar as the star athletes or iconic Gopher mascots, their role is no less significant. GSP plays a pivotal part in shaping the memorable experiences of Gopher sports enthusiasts. They're the conductors of the symphony, orchestrating the transformation of game days into cherished memories. The Powerhouse Behind the Scenes GSP is the unseen but crucial force that propels the Gopher sports programs to greatness. Their multifaceted approach supports the athletes, the coaches, and the entire fan base. While the athletes take center stage on the field or court, GSP ensures that their performances shine brightly, both through effective media management and essential corporate sponsorships. This invaluable behind-the-scenes work transforms passion into power, making the Gophers a force to be reckoned with in col

Top 3 Future Technology Trends In 2024

Last year, I made a list of future tech trends, of which more than half turned out to be true. After some more speculation and predictions, we have come up with some future trends that will completely engulf the market in 2024.

Start working on them now because they are going to be bigger than Artificial Intelligence. So, without wasting your time, here is the list of technologies for the future of business:

1. Cellular vehicle-to-everything technology (C-V2X) Top The List

Like 2023, 2024 would also be the top technology trend related to transportation. This would be about Cellular vehicle-to-everything technology (C-V2X).

The Internet inside a car can be considered a first step towards Cellular vehicle-to-everything technology (C-V2X) because both technologies involve connectivity and communication.

V2X technology utilizes sensors, cameras, and wireless connectivity to enable real-time information sharing between vehicles, drivers, pedestrians, and infrastructure, enhancing safety and efficiency.

C-V2X in 5G enhances communication range and reliability in dedicated ITS 5.9 GHz spectrum, independent of cellular networks, and traditional mobile broadband licensed spectrum. It includes vehicle-to-vehicle, vehicle-to-infrastructure, and vehicle-to-pedestrian V2V, V2I, and V2P.

2. Blockchain

How can blockchain technology be left behind when we are talking about the future of the digital world in 2024? It is going to make a big splash in the fields of finance, healthcare, supply chain management, and identity management.

Blockchain is a digital ledger. It is decentralized, distributed, and public. It records transactions across multiple computers. This is done without affecting subsequent blocks or network consensus.

Bitcoin is an example of Blockchain technology. The purchase and sale of Bitcoin are entered and transmitted to a network of powerful computers, known as nodes.

3. NFT

NFTs are the most widely traded digital assets in the coin industry, and their creators have always made a lot of money from them. The Merge is the most expensive non-fungible token (NFT) on the bitcoin market, with a value of $91 million.

NFTs are unique cryptographic tokens on a blockchain that cannot be replicated. India’s taxation on NFTs is 30% flat, with income from crypto asset sales or transfers.


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