Smartphone vs Smart people

Who are smart people? Smart people are intelligent people, they are quite clever and they have an answer to almost every question and what are smartphones? Smartphones are electronic devices that have made our lives a lot easier. Smartphone with internet facility is like heaven on earth, it is great asset to many people as it connects us to the rest of the world. Smartphone is like a mini computer.

Only smart people can use the smartphones efficiently and effectively. Nowadays nobody carries a map whenever they go to a new place, they just open the maps on their phones. Earlier we used to go to taxi stand to book a taxi but now we can just book a can by few clicks on the phone. Hundreds and thousands of books are available on the internet, we can just download and read them.

What actually matters the most is how we utilize these features for our own benefits which you can do only if you are smart. For instance, say that you are not smart and have zero knowledge about these electronic devices then how will you use them properly. Being smart is more than just being intelligent.

One who is self-aware, mentally fit and confident is smart. Smart people can complete a task with reduced efforts in less time.

We are a lot engrossed in the virtual world of smart devices and this can ruin our real-life relationships. Hence, we should be smart about our usage and dependency on these gadgets.

Perhaps I would like to conclude by saying that there is no perfect comparison between smartphone and smart people as both of them are useful and important in their own places.


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