I finally beat my addiction in under 29 days


9 years.

That is the least time I precisely remember being a screen addict.

And I’m just 22 now. 😐

Be it mobile games, games in computer, games in console, movies, social media or browsing trash on YouTube.

I’m guilty of it all.

So much so that my eyesight fell straight to -4 in a span of nearly 4 years. 😥

I now realize how many potential opportunities I’ve already lost due to my weak eyesight.

And the many more I know I’d have to let slip outta my hands in future.

This might make it seem that I’m kinda blind.

No, I’m not.

I actually look pretty smart with glasses.

But think about who would enjoy better on a beach . Someone free to run and dive into the soothing waters, or someone like me who would have to constantly worry about his eyes falling out at any time. 😖

Yeah! Now you know.

I’ve kinda diverted from the topic but this was necessary to tell you the smallest of problems you can get from unnecessary involvement with screens.

Now what you’re here to get.


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