I Disconnected Myself From Smart Phone For a Week, And Why You Should Too

Sorry, today I’ve got another fantastic topic. This one’s special because I tried out an experiment myself, and I’m excited to share my insights from my own perspective.

Recently, I wrapped up reading “Smart Phone Brain,” and let me tell you, it’s been a real eye-opener for me. Now, if you’ve been following my content, you probably know I’m not exactly best buddies with social media or smartphones in general. Don’t get me wrong — I get the perks, the marketing, the connection, the community… but let’s be real, how many of us are really nailing this whole tech thing? Even I often find myself spending time scrolling without any purpose. Most of us end up falling into its trap, whether it’s craving those likes or just wasting hours scrolling. So, I thought, why not try a little experiment? I ditched my smartphone for a bit, and let me tell you, it’s been really worth it. Buckle up — you might want to try it too!

The “Smartphone Sucker Punch”

We’ve all heard the rumors about the dark side of smartphones, but do we take them seriously? I did some digging, and it’s kind of crazy how they affect us.

Blue Light Blues: Yep, that blue light thing. Apparently, there are several studies to prove that it’s not that bad, but seriously, have you seen how much time we spend on our screens?

Bad Posture Parade: Look around on the subway — everyone’s neck is bent down. “Nerd neck” is a real thing, and we’re living it, spending hours like hunched-over zombies. It’s not good for our necks. This is why office syndrome has become much more common for us. Our necks and backs bear a huge load, which can be painful in the long run.

Ghosting Real Life: We’re social animals, but when’s the last time you had a real, in-person chat? Whether it’s with strangers or family, we’re sucked into our pieces of technology. We’re losing those face-to-face skills and replacing them with emojis. We’re relying on technology to express our feelings. Not sure that’s an upgrade…

Time Black Hole: Admit it, most of our scrolling isn’t exactly productive. Sure, there’s some gold in there. I used to keep telling myself that I spend my time effectively. I just use my smartphone or social media to watch something productive or inspirational. But let’s be real, how much time is really considered “productive”? It’s mostly just time slipping through our fingers, burning time.

Dopamine Drama: Ding! New message. Whoop, dopamine’s kicking in. But this isn’t what it’s supposed to be. Dopamine is an extremely valuable substance in our brain. It’s meant to control our reward system and play a big part in motivating us to improve ourselves. But guess what? The more we get, the less it actually works. With the dopamine spike from smartphones, it’s likely that our brains will build a tolerance, leaving us zoned out and craving more.

Dopamine Decoded: Ever heard of dopamine? It’s like your brain’s reward messenger. Way back when, it motivated us to explore, take risks, and achieve bigger things. Imagine it as your brain saying, “Yes, hunting mammoths is totally worth it!” However, in today’s smartphone era, things have taken a twist. Those notifications and social media likes? They’re constantly triggering your dopamine, much like a kid in a candy store. This constant stimulation is playing tricks with your brain’s reward system, making it a little haywire.

Breaking Free: My “Phone-Less” Journey

Okay, I must admit — despite knowing the drill, I’m not immune. I was deep in the social media swirl, scrolling quotes and what I considered as “useful” content. But then came a moment of enlightenment. One day, on my way to work, I looked up from my screen on a train. Everyone — I mean everyone — was glued to their smartphones. No sense of the surroundings. It hit me — I’m that guy. One of the “slaves to the screen.” So, after some reflection, I decided to delete (yes, really) my socials and most apps, keeping only what’s needed for work. I’m embracing a version of a “typical phone.” No notifications, no social media.

Life Beyond the Pixels: My Unfiltered Insights

Fast forward a week, and it’s like a weight has been lifted off. Suddenly, I’m here, now, present. I feel much more connected with the present, with what’s truly surrounding me. The social media pressure? Poof, gone. Turns out, what really matters isn’t those perfect pics or the “should-be” ideals. It’s about what I want, deep down. Less online noise, more room to breathe. I’ve got time for learning, growth, and even a bit of soul-searching. My thoughts? Clearer, calmer, no more negativity screaming in my head. I find myself focusing better and finding happiness in the little things in life.

After stopping smartphone use for a while, the body will eventually start to adapt to the proper level of dopamine in the brain. This will make us feel more calm and stable.

Join the “Phone-Free” Party: Try It Out!

Now, this story’s my own, and sure, I’ve got a beef with social media. But hey, why not give it a shot? Imagine life like it’s the ’80s fewer screens, more face-to-face. Step away from the virtual vortex and discover happiness in real life, hiding just around the corner.

Smartphones aren’t the only culprits; social media’s in on it too. They’re like those sneaky dealers, pumping us with dopamine hits. But here’s the kicker: I’m not saying dump your phone. Nah, it’s about knowing the score. Tech’s got its pros and cons. It’s up to us, the users, to be the bosses and make it work for us. So don’t just trust me, try it yourself, or if you’ve had a similar experience to mine, feel free to share in the comment section.


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