Artificial Intelligence



*The technology that allows computers to do the jobs that people do using their intelligence is called articial intelligence.

*Artificial intelligence is actually the use of software and algorithms installed on chips and sensors embedded in machines, devices and all kinds of objects that can be used by computer programs that try to simulate human intelligence.

*Computer programs that try to imitate this human intelligence differ from the digital technologies we use every day in that they make the machines, devices and objects they are loaded with “smart”.

*It is aimed that all the things that people can do and have difficulty doing can be done to the machines and devices that artificial intelligence has made intelligent. In particular, it is planned that jobs that pose a risk to humans should be performed by intelligent machines and robots.

*The source of inspiration for artificial intelligence developers and practitioners has been the learning processes of the human brain. Artificial intelligence designers are trying to apply this structure to computer programs by imitating a structure similar to the learning and thinking systems of our brain.

*The computer program that will drive this artificial neural network system also needs training in order to learn it itself. Artificial intelligence education, on the other hand, takes place with a large number of data inputs and outputs, just like in our brain.


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