Best Android apps — September 2023

This month, I’m going to share 3 apps and 2 games. I will also be providing links for each app. Do check them out!

  1. Further: This article curator is the first app for this month. It curates news and articles from various sources such as BBC, Economist, TOI, Medium, and Google News. It also provides badges as you progress in the app, which can be shared on any social media platform like LinkedIn. The user also has the option to subscribe to receive a daily newsletter. It supports Text-to-speech (TTS) so you can listen to them. The only disadvantage is that there is a limit to the number of articles you can read per day.
  2. Today weather: This isn’t really a different app from its competitors but it has a clean and minimal interface that is user-friendly as it has only one page and all the information is in one place. The app provides the user to choose from various reliable weather service providers. The best part is that it has a premium subscription to remove the ads and a few other features but you can just refer the app to someone and they just have to sign up on the app and you get 6 months of it for free and you can do it more than once. Also, it is optimized for wide-screen devices.
  3. Volume Stories: This app offers bite-sized summaries of non-fiction books, articles, and podcasts so you can learn new things quickly and easily. The app provides personalized recommendations to target your interests. You can save them, highlight texts, and share them. The more you read, the more gems you earn to unlock premium features. Also, the app is visually appealing with beautifully crafted covers for the summaries. The only disadvantage is that the app is becoming cluttered after every update.
  4. FRAG Pro shooter: Frag is a free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena available on Android and ios. It has a variety of characters to choose from with their own abilities and is a fast-paced game where the games don’t last more than 5 minutes making the games more intense and action-packed.
  5. Jump Drive — Get away: This is a 2D endless runner game where the player controls and should navigate through a series of obstacles like asteroids in a spaceship. It gets exciting as the game progresses with more power-ups and various spaceships to earn. The vibrant colors and graphics make it addictive.


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