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A Conundrum in the Marketing World

A Conundrum in the Marketing World

Avoiding the issue or getting worked up about it will not make it go away on their own. When I say "present day popular culture," I'm referring to the sorry state of things in which it finds itself, and to how far we have strayed from authenticity in our quest for purpose in life. Many parts of the globe are now experiencing the so-called "Bread and Circuses" phase of a deteriorating empire. A period characterized by credit overspending, fiat money, and public spectacle. A comparable era of deterioration was experienced by the Romans throughout their reign, with Nero playing while Rome burnt.

There have always been and will continue to be a large number of narrowly minded individuals in the world who have money to spend and simply want to be amused. They could give a flying fig about dignity, synergy, or edifying social dialogue. Reading, watching the News Hour, listening to National Public Radio, participating in tedious. It's all about the glitz, the glam, and the action these days. It is a sign of the times that people seek entertainment in fun and games, and whether noble or not, the clever marketer can see that there is a lot of money to be gained by catering to the praetorian's needs.

To be successful online or offline, whether selling either a product or a service, there must be a market for what you are offering in order for your business to be successful. A nobody's fool Internet marketer may concentrate on one of the biggest and yet exponentially expanding marketplaces accessible, second only to the porn business, by targeting the multi-billion dollar, worldwide entertainment sector, which is worth billions of dollars. A large number of individuals are looking for fresh and interesting goods that have anything to do with gambling, sports, celebrities, lotteries, glitter and gossip or any combination of the above in their minds.

When it comes to, say, selling sleazy sex online, we have a quandary, or perhaps we should call it a hypocrisy.But we have no qualms about stealing people's money for every other conceivable scam, as long as it isn't a jailhouse robbery. However, the reality is that whether or not we, as keen observers, are there, individuals will try to fill the vacuum in their life by discarding money in order to alleviate some of their financial burden. Despite common reason and logic, the prohibition of gambling did not cure individuals of their desire to beat the odds; rather, it pushed the passion underground, enriched and nurtured a vicious criminal element to cater to those who indulged in it. Fortunately, like lotteries, it is now a tax on stupidity, and we are no longer obligated to look for our brothers' well-being.

There isn't a single reason I can think of why I shouldn't put that money to better use, and I can only do so if the money is in my possession. Foolish individuals who have too much freedom and too little self-control or respect for themselves are actively pursuing their vicarious pleasures, and I have no right to refuse them this opportunity. Standing on a soapbox and preaching the benefits of the economy and frugality will only result in scorn and ridicule on my part. Since I work in the upmarket marketing industry, there is one philosophy that I will follow when it comes to taking on these "items," and that is to offer customers a wide range of options, choices, and high-quality goods.

Finally, catering to human flaws in this way may be more honest and genuine than the current con games played by businesses, Wall Street, and mainstream politicians.Since my reputation and business ethics are on the line, it is incumbent upon me to seek the most professional and genuine programs available to give my clients, with long-term credibility and viability being the most important considerations.

While historically reserved for the sharkskin suit and gold chain set, the Internet has opened the door to everyone interested in gambling or celebrity worship. However, in order for this business, like with any other, to be ultimately successful, it must offer a required service in an honest and ethical manner. The business model must be handled and organized in such a way that it is transparent and above board for both the individuals delivering the service and the people who are using the service. A lot of money may be earned from a society that has been lost to the grace of higher pursuits...but there is no disputing that the pursuit of pleasure is a maddening quest... I've found a vehicle that allows me to benefit from this phenomenon of enhanced online earnings while maintaining professionalism and savviness in the process. I strongly disapprove of those who exploit others for their own personal benefit, but if our potential consumers want to exploit themselves, that is entirely their own business and should not be interfered with.

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