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Are You Brand New to Internet Marketing? Decide and Concentrate, or Give Up!

Are You Brand New to Internet Marketing? Decide and Concentrate, or Give Up!

When you initially get started with Internet marketing, you'll quickly find that there are almost limitless possibilities for earning money. Take, for example, GoogleCash, which allows you to earn affiliate commissions by simply directing visitors to a merchant's website via your advertisements. Alternatively, you may spend many weeks developing a theme site that is rich in information and that you can utilize to generate Adsense money as well as affiliate revenue. Alternatively, you might create hundreds of "fast and dirty" Adsense sites in a matter of hours. Alternatively, you may create mini-sites for affiliate marketing. Alternatively, you might blog for money. In a number of ways, you may benefit from your eBay transactions. You may write an information product, or you might opt to offer physical goods instead of information products. And this is just a small selection of what is available! Internet marketing offers something for (nearly) everyone in terms of product and service offerings.

However, the truth is that any opportunity will almost certainly require the acquisition of more than one talent, as well as the acquisition and training in several software tools. As an example, if you decide to take advantage of the Adsense opportunity, you may find yourself employing a keyword research tool to identify keywords to focus on, an HTML editing tool to build your site, graphics software to create the graphic header, the blog and ping technique with a junk blog to get indexed quickly, RSS to build-up the content on your site, and perhaps a separate good quality blog to improve your search engine ranking. The many Internet marketing possibilities each have their own set of tools to help them succeed!

For each of these tools, you must first study which one to use, then purchase it, learn how to use it, and then put it into action. It may take several hours to get acquainted with certain particular tools, such as some of the complex software used to create automated post-to-blocks. It can also take many more hours to grasp how to use the program properly, depending on the tool.

In reality, if you are human and motivated to earn money (and if you aren't, you wouldn't be reading this), it is much too simple to get distracted from your current task and pursue new possibilities while you are still trying to make your prior opportunity work. In fact, it's likely that you requested it! The results of your research have almost certainly placed you in contact with a large number of Internet Marketing gurus who give you daily updates on the newest and greatest...and these people are specialists at turning-on your greed glands. Based on my own personal experience (and that of my friends and family), I believe that the majority of individuals who decide to go into Internet Marketing but never make a significant amount of money do so because they get bogged down by partly executed possibilities.

The answer is straightforward, but it is regrettably incompatible with human nature (at least for many of us). There are four stages to this process:

Allow yourself the pleasure of investigating the possibilities... but with a specified time restriction, during which you commit up-front to beginning nothing and purchasing nothing until that time limit expires, and then repeat the process. This is NOT a simple piece of study. You should consider more than just the income potential of different Internet Marketing opportunities... you should consider the time commitments in terms of both the initial and ongoing time; whether income is fast or slowly builds up; whether there is out-of-pocket risk or only time-wasted risk; and whether you are willing to venture into the "dark side" a little (black hat SEO) or whether it is in your nature to stick to the straight and narrow (traditional marketing). What kind of person are you when it comes to technical things? Do you have access to someone who can assist you if you need it?

Make a decision on what to do. Make a rational case for it, and then test it to see how it affects your gut feelings. When the time is right, make the commitment. I'm talking about a complete and total commitment.

Make a determined effort to see the selected opportunity through to completion, where "completion" implies that you either fail beyond recovery or succeed in earning an amount of money that you regard to be a success for the method. Learn what you need to know, buy what you need to buy, and then GET STARTED. In addition, be prepared to face your concerns, which may include small failure (beginning in a technical area where you are a beginner), rejection (asking people for links, knowing that 90 percent would say "no" in the early days), and the worst dread of all... project failure. When it comes to your mind, it may be fickle... if you move on to another chance before giving this one your all, you haven't truly failed, have you? If, on the other hand, you DO give it your best and it doesn't work out, you'll have to accept your defeat.

Moreover, while you are actively chasing the opportunity, you must discipline yourself not to seek or even investigate other Internet marketing possibilities. You should not read emails, newsletters, or sales pages from gurus promoting products that are not directly related to your opportunity unless you are confident in your ability to maintain excellent discipline. You should also avoid reading e-mails, newsletters, or sales pages promoting improved versions of products that are supposed to be improvements to those products you are already using in pursuit of your opportunity, unless you are confident in your ability to maintain excellent discipline. Make what you've got to work for you.

In the event that you decide to move on to a second or even a third entirely different opportunity after completing the first, doing so in this focused manner means you will almost certainly complete three entire opportunities to a satisfying level of success before you would have achieved even one partial level of success if you had attempted all three at the same time. That is not hyperbole; multitasking often results in a factor of three or four times the amount of time it takes to complete a job. Even in the field of internet marketing, this is true.

Additionally, you will have really mastered the particular abilities required to complete the opportunities you pursued to completion, as opposed to having just a cursory understanding of a wide range of various tools and methods, which is the inevitable result of failing to concentrate.

This expertise is rewarded in Internet marketing since it allows you to replicate your successes more rapidly. If you are at a position of full competence, you may outsource work to others (always a good position from which to outsource). Furthermore, you can typically transfer part or all of the abilities to another Internet marketing opportunity in such a manner that success in the new area is more assured and faster than it would be otherwise. A good mix, in my opinion.

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